The Alexandrovich Competition is open for participants of all nationalities, and its aim is to offer young musicians the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and to gain experience in delivering concerts as a prize winner. Participants are being judged in the following age groups:

I 6 - 9 years
III 10 - 14 years
III 15 - 17 years
IV 18 - 28 years

The decisive factor, in which age category the participant is performing, is the age on the first day of the competition (28 March).


The decisions of the jury are incontestable, and not subject to questions, revisions, or appeal.

Podium Competition

The competition is named after the extraordinary singer Michail Alexandrovich. The idea and concept of the competition is the result of the common creative activity of the association ›Dialog‹ Neues Münchner Kunstforum e. V. and Israeli musicians. One of the main aims of this international project is the detection and promotion of young talents. To achieve this aim we have founded an international competition podium for young singers. Our competition event wants to be first and foremost a platform, offering young people the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, rather than a competition, which is often affected by the aspect of competing against others. On the contrary, almost all of our participants receive a token of recognition at the end, however small, intended to be motivational. Everyone should leave with the positive feeling that the big, beautiful world of music is not just an arena in which one has to fight, but also a world of dialogue and mutual engagement, in which everyone can have their place.

The Alexandrovich Competition is intended to support gifted young musicians of all nationalities through the organisation of concerts and the procurement of various engagements. We are convinced, that one of the best ways to support and help growing musicians to develop their own individuality is to provide them with opportunities to perform, in order to gain experience in contact with audiences. We consider the fact that all participants are allowed to put together their programme themselves very important, as we want to give all participants every freedom to present themselves individually. In terms of equal opportunities we also refrain from asking for information regarding the teacher of the participant or any previously won awards or prizes.

— The Organizers

Many thanks for the kind support:
›Dialog‹ Neues Münchner Kunstforum e. V., Munich
Russian Cultural Center Tel Aviv
World Coordination Council of public organizations of Russian compatriots
Theater „MonoART“ Herzlia
Society DOOS – Poets' Magazine Moscow
Almanach „Dominante“ Munich
Radio "Reka“ Israel
Publishing Company "Dom Dubnov“ Genf / New York
Cooperative "Israeli Russian Art Center" Tel Aviv
Association of Russian journalists in Israel
Writers Union of Israel
Ze'ev Ichara
Ilana Makhlis (Alexandrovich), Leonid Makhlis, Leonid Litinetskogo, Yury Moora-Muradov, Alex Klevitskogo, Sigmund Litnera, Leo Gelfand, Simon Perel
et. al.